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Savvy Ally Action videos launch monthly and offer tips on effective allyship and how to create LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces. They are free to watch and share. Subscribe below and never miss a video.


Jeannie gratefully acknowledges Julie Gainsburg and Noah Wagoner for all of their savvy editing help. 

Delightful New Gender-Neutral Terms

Check out this video to learn some delightful new gender-neutral words and why they were needed.

Did You Miss the Memo?

Here are some LGBTQ+ etiquette tips, in case you missed the memo.

Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Spaces

When our current systems and spaces don’t meet the needs of LGBTQ+ clients, students, and employees, how do we fix them? Check out this video for some great tips.

What's Up With "Queer"?

Have you ever wondered why someone might use the term “queer” to refer to themselves or a loved one? Have you been unsure whether you should use it too? This video offers guidance on the “whys” and “hows” of the term “queer.”

Best Signage for All-Gender Restrooms

Check out this mini video to learn the best signs for your all-gender restroom and which signs to avoid.

Five Facts About Nonbinary People

Is being nonbinary the same as being androgynous? Do all nonbinary people use singular they? Is being nonbinary a new trend? Take a look at this 2-minute video for answers to these questions and more.

What To Do When You Mess Up

We all mess up. Sometimes we get people’s names and pronouns wrong, and then we feel awful. This video shares the best way to respond when you mess up and tips for getting it right the next time.

Why Share Pronouns?

Help folks understand why normalizing the practice of pronoun-sharing is such a savvy ally action. Share your pronouns in your email signature. Then add the word "Why?" with a hyperlink to this video. Thank you for helping to make the world a better place!

10 LGBTQ+ Related Facts That May Surprise You

Ghost sightings, bathroom misconduct, Jane Austen, cheerleading, you’ll find it all here! Take 2 minutes to check out 10 LGBTQ+ related facts that may surprise you.

What's Up with Singular They?

Have you heard people use the pronoun they to mean one person? Were you taught that this is grammatically incorrect? Savvy Ally Action’s 3-minute video, “What’s Up with Singular They?” shares five reasons why you should embrace this wonderful word.

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Check out the Savvy Ally Action YouTube Channel to see all the videos.

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