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With Jeannie Gainsburg

Think Inclusive

An Inclusive Education Podcast

Tim Villegas interviews Jeannie about creating LGBTQ+ inclusive schools.

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    The Empathy Edge

    With Maria Ross

    Maria Ross interviews Jeannie about pronouns, authenticity in the workplace, social justice involvement, and more.

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      Katie Couric Media

      There Are Worse Things Than Being Called "Woke"

      Jeannie Gainsburg's article was featured in Katie Couric Media on June 9, 2023.

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        Leadership Purpose

        With Dr. Robin

        Dr. Robin interviews Jeannie about allyship, book publishing, and life purpose.


          Big Gay Energy:

          An LGBTQ+ Media Podcast

          Kaitlynn breaks with tradition and invites her mom, a big fan of Jeannie's book, on the podcast to join the conversation about "The Savvy Ally."

            WXXI Connections

            With Evan Dawson

            Evan Dawson and Jeannie Gainsburg discuss the newest edition of The Savvy Ally and respond to questions from callers.

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              Washington Blade

              America's LGBTQ News Source

              Jeannie Gainsburg's article "Reclaiming the Word Ally" was published in the Washington Blade on June 6, 2023.

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                Just Breathe:

                Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen

                Host Heather Hester talks with author, Jeannie Gainsburg, about parenting LGBTQ+ kids, how to be an effective ally, Jane Austen, and other random things.

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                  Code Like a Girl

                  Better Allies Newsletter by Karen Catlin

                  Each week, Karen Catlin shares five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and be a better ally. On April 28th, Gainsburg's five tips for being a savvy ally in the workplace was featured.

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                    Real World Parenting:

                    Tips and Scripts for Families on Roads Less Traveled with Dr. Laura S. Anderson

                    Dr. Laura Anderson invites Jeannie Gainsburg on her podcast for conversation, laughs, and strategies for navigating allyship and advocacy.

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                      We Know Gay Culture. You Should Too.

                      Homoculture endorses The Savvy Ally in their Arts and Literature section.

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                        Lambda Weekly

                        KNON Podcast Series

                        The Lambda Weekly crew invite Jeannie Gainsburg onto their show to talk about the 2nd edition of The Savvy Ally and ally best practices.

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                          Let's Talk All Things LGBTQ+

                          Hosted by Annie McKinnon

                          Annie McKinnon talks with author, Jeannie Gainsburg, about the newest edition of her book, The Savvy Ally, and about all things LGBTQ+.

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                            SAVVY ALLY ACTION
                            YOUTUBE CHANNEL

                            Check out the Savvy Ally Action YouTube Channel to see more podcasts and interviews.

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